terça-feira, 11 de agosto de 2015


Wait. I am coming! not cumming. Oh sorry maybe I will be cut off this host, just because I said cumming. Just like it was done with a friend of mine, whose profile was cut with the argumment of inapropriate content.

Exactly what you see. That´s what my closest friends tell me all the time. They say that I am simple in the way I talk, just as simple in the way I look. Not sure. Up to you, I mean, if you would like to know me.

Some say I am a pretty hot blond. But I am not to talk about how hot or  how blond I am. You can help me out doing this better, just by writing any comment or sending me a message.

If you ask me what is this blog about I will tell you simply that I don´t know. I am just feeling myself to post and post, and posting again, and so on. All about Laura, Hot Laura, Hot Blog, Hot dog, Hot hot. All of this. 

You know that time when you think about nothing. When the troubles and misunderstandings go away. 
When the concerns about judgements, oposition, disagrements, unpolitenesses, all those sort of things that can make yourself felling down and hidden simply go away.

Yes that´s how I fell. Just like that.Not hot. Not Pot. Just Laura, simply Laura.

Not concerned about what people is going to say or thing or if the throw  stones against me. Or even if you call me a whore, I will say you that I am coming. I am right here to share these feeling of comfort I have,

And just because I am relaxed and that guy said me something about how inappropriate my pic was, humm...I posted a better one. And no on, it is going to be like that. If it is not going fine to you just tell me.

I don´t like surfing, before you ask me about it. I like riding. So what... What is the problem of saying that. I like riding horses, bikes. What is wrong with that...even if the horses are wild. I can make them slow down in a minute.

Sometimes it is so hot, that I canot even stay in my room. Nice weather, nice blow.

         August, 14th, 2015.